Australian Natives


F40 Large Bird Of Paradise

The overall length of this large artificial Bird Of Paradise is 88cm. The head itself is 25cm long , with 14cm coloured vinyl spikes. It has 1 leaf on the stem. They are now only available in 2 different colours as pictured (Sorry no more orange).

F44 Small Red Banksia

Another Australian native,this artificial small Banksia stem is 69cm long & available only in red. Very popular indeed.

F45 Kangaroo Paws

The overall length of this Kangaroo Paw stem is 85cm. & they come with either  red  or orange felt "paws" .

F46-1 Mimosa Wattle Spray

This Mimosa Wattle Spray is 75cm long & has 5 "branches" full of Wattle coming off the main stem.

F47 Ginger Torch

This artificial polyester silk Ginger Torch is only available in the pink colour pictured. The overall length is 85cm whilst the actual head is 16cm x 5cm wide & there are 2 leaves on the stem.

F48 Large Banksia

Now we are offering this artificial large Banksia stem which is 93cm long & available in orange or red tones (sorry no more yellow). The flower heads are 10cm long & 8cm wide. Another addition to our Australian Native collection.

F60 Wax Flower

The overall length of this Wax Flower stem is 78cm & each flower is 2cm in diameter. The white coloured  flowers  are silk & the green leaves & brown stem is made of vinyl plastic. We have included a close up of the flowers.

F62 Leucospernum

These very natural looking Leucospernums are available in red,  greeny/yellow or white (refer close up photos).  The overall length is 63cm & the flower head is 9cm in diameter. There are 6 leaves per stem.  

F84 King Protea Stem

This magnificent large artificial King Protea stem is 83cm overall. The head is 12cm long & 10cm in diameter.

P75 Loquat Spray

This single stem artificial Loquat spray is  80cm. long. It comes with 8 Loquat fruits & several natural looking leaves.