Cacti & Succulents


P33 Cactus 76cm

Our Cactus has 61 silk leaves & stands 76cm tall. Very realistic indeed. Whilst the spikes look "lethal", they are quite harmless.

P37 Hanging Monkey Cup

This Monkey Cup also known as "Nepenthes" or "Tropical hanging Pitcher Plant" is on an 80cm long bendable stem. The head is 10cm x 4cm & the leaf is 23cm x 5cm. We have added another photo with the stem bent.

P55 Aloe Vera leaf 72cm

This artificial Aloe vera leaf is our longest at 72cm long plus the wire making a total 95cm. The leaf is 7cm wide. It is available only in pictured colour & even comes with the litle "spikes" on the side. Arched just like the real thing & even the feel is similar.

P56 Aloe Vera Leaf 49cm

This artificial Aloe vera leaf is our shorter one at 49cm long plus the wire which makes it 68cm. The leaf is 7cm in width. It is available only in pictured colour. Arched just like the real thing & even the feel is similar.

P59 Echeveria Cactus

The overall length of this Cactus is 10cm. The width of the head is 8cm & it only comes in this burgundy red colour.

P68 Large Cactus

We are just offering the large Cactus on the left of this photo - no other items included.

This shows how well this Large 130cm Cactus goes with the small P33 in an arrangement - they compliment each other perfectly.

P91 Echeveria Flat Leaf Cactus

This artificial  Echeveria Flat Leaf  Cactus is 13cm long with a 12cm wide head. It is available in either BURGUNDY or GREEN.

P98L Echeveria domed Cactus

This is an Echeveria domed cacti & it is 9cm in diameter. The overall length is 12cm & the actual leaves are 4cm tall. Available in these Red/Green colourings only. The material used to make them is like a hard vinyl.

PP24 Mexican Pin Cushion Cactus

This Mexican Pin Cushion Cactus is blooming with 2 flowers & is 16cm tall. The spikes wont hurt.

PP25 Agave

This Agave has 15 canvas type material leaves & a centre spike & it is 33cm long