Flower arrangements


E9-1A Gerbera & fern arrangement

This arrangement is 55cm tall overall & comes sealed in a 17cm etched vase. It comprises of 2 Gerbera flowers, 3 delicate fern fronds & asst.grasses.

E9A Cream Gerberas in pot

This arrangement of artificial cream coloured Gerbera's comes in a glazed ceramic squat square pot. It is 46cm tall & is ideal for a table setting. The 5 Gerbera flowers are complimented with Onion Grass & mini Bulberry flowers at the base.

F13A Camellia Bush in mint pot

This arrangement of white Camellias is 38cm tall & comes in a 13cm square mint coloured glazed ceramic pot. We have added a green grass bush & small Mondo grasses around the base which are all sealed together using orange pebbles.

F13A Camellia bush in black pot

This arrangement of Red Camellia's is 30cm tall & comes in a 13cm square black glazed ceramic pot. We have added red grass & small mondo grasses around the base which are all sealed together with red pebbles.


F17A Tulips arrangement

This dark burgundy planter box comes full of 13 deep red tulips. In addition we have added more leaves & soft cream Bulberry flowers to enhance this arrangement. It is 40cm tall & 50cm wide.

F21B Orange flower topiary

This assortment of orange coloured flowers set in a dark brown glazed ceramic square pot & offset with dark green leaves & grasses around the base makes  an absolutely stunning display. It is 100cm (39") tall

F26B Cymidium Orchid flowers

This beautiful artificial silkMustard/Green coloured Orchid flower arrangements is 33cm tall & comes supplied in a 9cm ceramic cube black glazed pot  topped off with gravel which is glued into place. There are 5 flowers on this stem & Mountain Grass has been added to finish off this arrangement perfectly.

F28A Freshia Hanging Basket

In this 70cm x 50cm hanging basket arrangement we have a mass off Freshia flowers together with Pothos vines making up a lovely display. This particular one has Red & Cream flowers but you may wish to alter that. You can have any colour combination of our F28 Freshias selecting from Cream, Coral, Purple or Red - just let us know what you would like when ordering.

F28B Hanging Freshia Basket

In this 65cm bamboo hanging basket arrangement we have a mass of Freshia flowers together with the green Pothos leaves making up a lovely display that has a 60cm width spread. This particular one has RED & CREAM flowers but you may wish to alter it as per the second photo which is CORAL & PURPLE but also using the Pothos leaves. You can have any colour combination from the Cream, Coral, Purple or Red flowers - just let us know if you want one different to what we are selling here.

F29A Lantern Flower in pot

This beautiful artificial Lantern Flower arrangement  is 48cm tall & comes  in a 20cm dark blue oval ceramic bowl topped off with white pebbles which is glued into place. It also has extra grass added to the bottom.