Trees & Large Plants


F67A Frangipani Tree

This is the taller of our Frangipani Trees & once again we are just offering you the tree on it's own - none of the other plants or pot in the photo. This is 120cm tall with 3 branches & only available with cream flowers.

Only 1 left in stock now

P16 Dieffenbachia Plant

There are 3 seperate stems in this silk Dieffenbachia plant with a total of 51 leaves & standing at 136cms (54"). A magnificent plant for a corner setting.

The pot & grasses at the base of the photo are not included - you are buying the plant only 

P24 Coleus Plant

Is it a flower or is it a plant ? 378 beautiful coloured leaves on 3 stems make this 125cm (49") silk Coleus plant a true spectacle to behold.

Please note the pot & greenery at the base are not included - you are buying the Coleus plant only.



P26 Split Philo Plant

This magnificent Split Philo plant stands 145cm with 34 leaves on 3 stems.

The pot & additional flowers at the base in this photo are not included - this price is just for the plant only.


P29 Wandering Jew Plant

This beautifully coloured artificial polyester silk Wandering Jew plant consists of 6 stems with a total of 100 leaves . It is 90cm tall & is by far our most popular plant. The entire plant can be bent & manipulated into the shape you desire for a perfect look. The colourings enable this plant to fit in with almost any decor. The pot in the picture is not included with this item.


P32 Frangipani Plant

This Frangipani bush has deep green leaves & cream flowers on each of it's 3 main stems making it a lovely item for any room. It is 140cm tall . It won't lose it's shape or wrinkle as only high quality polyester silk is used.  Easy to clean - just hose off with water.


P34 Phoenix Palm

This artificial polyester silk Phoenix Palm is the most recent addition to our palm range. It has 12 fronds with a total of 372 leaves. It is supplied in 2 parts, the base with prongs sticking out & the frongs themselves that then slot into the base part. Easy to assemble & then making this palm 160cm tall. It is taller than the one's we have had before but this is what is making it very popular. The prongs can be easily adjusted so you can have either a wide spreading Palm or upright fuller looking one - it is up to you.


P61 Yucca Tree with flower spike

This Burgundy coloured Yucca has 17 leaves, is 90cm tall & has 30 flowers on the spike. It is also available in Green. We are only offering the Yucca & flower spike here - no pot or the additional flowers in these arrangements.

P78A Yucca Fountain 20 leaves

This artificial Yucca Fountain is 65cm tall overall including a 12cm tall black plastic pot. There are 20 vinyl leaves which are 4cm wide as well as a central stem.

P79-3 Dracena Marginata in pot

This is our shorter Dracena Marginata standing at 120cm & it comes from the factory cemented into this 13cm dia  plastic flower pot as per the photo. There are 5 heads of leaves & each head is 30cm long. The leaves are green with red edges & 1.5cm wide. The stems themselves are all totally bendable so you can shape them however you like.