Fencing Products

trellis on fence

F6 Bamboo Trellis

Natural bamboo expandable trellis with an average diameter of 15mm & 120cm (4') x 180cm (6') expanded. 

W1 Plasteel Wire 4mm x 1000m

This product is a black monofilament 4mm. in diameter & 1,000meters long.

This product is being used for tying down shade cloth in plant nurseries, fencing horse paddocks, overhead fencing for grape growers, supporting bird netting in orchards & general fencing needs where a long life & strength is required. We recommend a 3% straining tension be used when erecting this product.

Each roll is supplied in a plain cardboard box.

W2 Horse sighter wire 4mm x 770m

This SITA brand nylon horse sighter wire is 4mm in dia & 770 meters long. It has a breaking strength of 620kg & is UV protected.There is no wire in the middle , just pure nylon. Elongation of about 5-10% can be achieved by using strainers until the line is taut.  Only available in white colour.

Buy 6 rolls & we will deduct the freight charges shown on checkout for within Australia.

Please note this horse fencing wire or horse sighter wire is 770meter long unlike other shorter length brands.

Some of the advantages of SITA wire:-

Will not cut into horses like steel wire & is easily recognised by the horse being white. 

Chemical: Acid and alkali resistent, anti-ultra violet and free of rust.

Security: Lightweight, easy installation from dispenser pack.

30 years proven track record in Australia

w3 110m.horse sighter wire copy

W3 Horse sighter wire 4mm x 110m

"SITA" Wire brand horse sighter wire. This product is our own exclusive item & is a 4mm.diameter white nylon by 110meters long supplied in a cardboard printed dispenser pack. Ideal for those small jobs on the paddock or even used by oyster growers for tying up the oyster growing bags. It has a breaking strength of 620kgs.

W5 Plasteel 4.3mm x 800m

Plasteel is a wonderful substitute for steel wire & is manufactured using top-grade virgin, high viscosity polymer by our ISO-9002 certified factory. This is our thicker one at 4.3mm & is very, very strong. 

Qualities of Plasteel are:-

  • Acid & alkali resistant
  • Anti-ultra violet & non-rusting
  • Consistent strength & low elongation
  • Lightweight for easy installation

W6 Nylon monofilament 5mm x 525m

This is a black 5mm dia Nylon monofilament weighing 12kg & 525m long (1,706ft.) It has a breaking strength of 862kg & is produced by our ISO9001:2000 certified factory to the highest standards. This has been produced mainly for the oyster lease market for supporting their oyster bags in the sea.

W8 Nylon Monofilament 2.7mm x 25kg

This is a top quality 2.7mm black nylon monofilament wound onto a wooden drum as shown in the photo. There are 25kgs of line per drum, which equates to approx 3,820 meters (12,415ft). It has varied uses but we sell it mainly for supporting bird netting over grape vines or fruit orchards. It is much more pliable than our PLASTEEL products & has a breaking strength of 330kgs. Costing under $0.20 a meter it is very economical indeed.