Flowers - Single stem


F89 African Violet stems

This bunch of African Violet flowers & leaves has 12 x 2cm dia flowers & is 20cm in overall length. Each stem is loose & they are tied together to make the bunch as per the photo.

E4 Yellow Rose Bud stem

An artificial silk yellow Rose bud  stem which is 58cm long

E5 yellow/orange Tulip stem

An artificial silk yellow/orange Tulip stem which is 44cm long

E6 Alstomeria stem

An artificial stem of Alstomeria with 10 flowers which is 60cm long & available in Orange or Yellow colours. The price is for 1 stem only.

E7 Hyacinthus stem

An artificial stem of silk Hyacinthus which is 53cm long & available in Pink, Yellow or Burgundy colours.

The price is for 1 stem only.

E8 Yellow Zinnia stem

An artificial silk stem of a yellow Zinnia flower with bud which is 36cm long .

E9 Silk Gerberas assorted colours

These silk Gerberas are available in assorted colours & are 50cm long. The flower heads are 10cm across.

Some colours in the photo are now sold out.

F28 Freshia stems

A 53cm single stem with 12 silk flowers & available in 4 colours as shown in the additional photos.

F37 Sweet Pea stems

These silk artificial single stem Sweet Peas are 70cm long with leaves & tendrils on the stem. They are available in Blue, White or Pink  (no more Yellow)  (sorry no more stock available than the quantities shown)

F38 Tamarisk Spray

This beautiful Tamarisk Spray is 56cm long overall & as this close up photo shows, it has hundreds of little buds in pink,white & green colourings as well as very fine leaves. A great addition to any floral decoration or wedding bouquet. A full length photo has been added.